Message from the Sisters of Juigalpa

May 17, 2018 10:27 am

Message from the Sisters of Juigalpa

Dear Dom Eamon and each member of our Order

I take advantage of the space that our Web page gives us to share a little the sudden and difficult social situation that is lived in Nicaragua.
On Wednesday 16 May, a national dialogue began with the representative sectors of society as an attempt to find a solution; all parties are willing to do so and take that risk. But in the dialogue there is a climate of a lot of tension and there is already talk of a civil war if the government does not give way.
Pray for our people, who are a very long suffering people, the older ones remember the war of the ’80s and nobody wants to go back to that, but they are not willing to put up with more…
We give thanks to the mercy of God; we are doing well, supporting our brothers who are defending with their own lives the interests of all of us who live in this country. Something nice in all this madness is the unity that has been generated between the different social classes, for this common cause.

May the Lord take care of Nicaragua!
Thank you very much for your prayer;

Mother Fabiana and the Sisters of Juigalpa