August 18, 2018 2:10 pm

Thanks to Mother Dominique of Soleilmont who has shared with us news from the Community of Kunambetta in Kerala (India) which has been hit hard in these days by terrible floods:

The property of the monastery of the sisters is flooded but being a little higher, the sisters are for the time being sheltered. They feared that the nearby mountain would crack and that there would be a huge landslide that could have buried the entire region, but fortunately the landslide was limited, at least for now. Many people in their villages have been moved to schools or shelters because their houses are flooded or, in some areas, completely destroyed due to landslides. All the districts of Kerala are affected. There are more than 350,000 people without housing and relief is difficult because they live in very remote places.
The priest of the parish proposed to the Sisters to leave and to be housed in another religious community but the Sisters preferred to remain in the monastery because the water has not enter the monastery and they wish to stay with their neighbors who have not left the area and are close friends to the Sisters. They would welcome the neighbors in case the situation deteriorates further. For now, the end of the rains have not yet been announced and the rains are sometimes very violent.
The families of some of the Sisters have been affected by this tragedy. There is a shortage of drinking water, etc… and of course diseases will be declared. It’s really an unprecedented disaster…

About Kurisumala : the monastery is so high up on the mountain, that the brothers have not been affected by the flood. But the road to Erattupetta, the nearest town, occasionally gets blocked because of landslides.

Fishermen become heroes of kerala flood

Thank you for praying for Kerala,
for all those families in distress
and for our Sisters and Brothers
who are facing a moment of hardship.