September 13, 2018 3:18 pm

A heavy storm in the afternoon of Sunday 9 September in the southeastern province of Soria (Spain) caused extensive damage to the Huerta Monastery. The water from three ravines forming a single river devastated everything it encountered on its way.
After a night of great concern, Monday morning the monks discovered the damage in the monastery where the water had reached up to one meter in height.
The ground floor of the monastery was very damaged; the water entered the church, overthrowing an altarpiece, damaging old books and reaching paintings. It reached the Gothic refectory, the cloister and areas used by the monks daily.
Fortunately, for the moment, city staff are working hard to remove the mud and clean the streets and the monastery, but it will take weeks.
We assure the Abbot, Dom Isidoro, and the brothers of the Community of Huerta of all our fraternal support, as well as the population of the surroundings.