Flood in Huerta (2)

October 1, 2018 3:50 pm

Thanks to Dom Isidoro, Abbot of Huerta (Spain), who has sent us this latest update concerning Huerta monastery being innodated by the recent flood:

These two weeks have been very difficult, but we are now seeing the light. The brothers gave themselves generously for the cleaning and repair work. We also received a big help from the residents of our village and volunteers from the surrounding villages. It was very beautiful because people who did not get along managed to work together for the good of the monastery. We saw several people (even big fellows!), crying on seeing the state of “their” monastery. It was a beautiful experience, because at that moment we experienced the love of our neighbours. They are convinced that if the water had not entered the monastery, many houses in the village would have been damaged.
Most importantly, there were no injuries. Saturday, we will have a small feast to thank the whole village, inside the monastery in the Gothic refectory of the XIII ° S. We made a film that brings together all the videos that have been made and we will see it with our neighbours. As you see, good can also be born from a misfortune! The important thing now is to solve the problem of floods that are becoming more and more violent and frequent. We are in full negotiations with the administrative services.
Thank you for your prayers and your closeness.
Dom Isidoro

(cf  https://www.ocso.org/2018/09/13/huerta-5/
&  https://www.ocso.org/2018/09/18/update-floods-in-huerta/ )