September 13, 2019 8:58 am


Brother Polycarp, the Prior Administrator of Bamenda Abbey in the English speaking territory of Cameroon, informed us of a difficult situation. The two English speaking sectors of the country have been in “lock-down” down since 26 August. The “lock-down” will continue until 16 September.

The “lock-down” does not permit movement of any kind. If a person breaks the law, he or she may be shot in the act, or there will be some punishment. The “lock-down” is for all the weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays business can be as usual and supplies obtained for the week.

The reason for the “lock-down” is to prevent the children from going to school as a protest for the Government’s failure to appoint English speaking teaching professionals in the areas. This is the fourth year that the children will not have formal schooling.

Bamenda Abbey is affected by the fact that their cattle workers cannot come to work. The monks have been warned if any worker does come; a monk will be taken as a hostage to the rebels’ camp. No markets are functioning, so the monastery milk products cannot be sold, and their herbal medicine clinic and shop have remained closed.

It is a situation that seems to be ignored entirely by international news agencies.

The monks and the people of the Cameroons will be encouraged to know that we remember them.