The Generalate – The Abbot General’s Council

October 30, 2019 2:42 pm

The term of office for a Councillor of the Abbot General who is replacing a Councillor who is leaving the service for any reason.

In May and September of 2018 when the Abbot General consulted the Regions concerned by the resignation of Mother Regina and Dom Santiago María. The Abbot General mentioned that the term of office of those who replace the Councillor would be until the General Chapter of 2020.

However, the Law Commission has studied the situation and commented that until the present when a similar situation occurred, the person chosen completed the term of office of the one who was being replaced. (See the Report of the Law Commission – Scourmont 2019 p. 5-7)

At the meeting of the Abbot General and his Council on 18 October 2019, it was unanimously agreed that the practice that has been in effect until the present should be maintained. That being the case, the term of office for Mother Rachel will be completed at the Chapter of 2023 which would have been the end of Mother Regina’s term. The term of Dom Juan José will be completed at the next General Chapter, 2020. Dom Juan José is completing the term of Dom Santiago-María who had been chosen by the Abbot General and his Council for a three year term at the 2017 Chapter.

The Law Commission has proposed the addition of ST 84.1.A.Ter. This addition does not introduce anything new but clarifies the situation. A decision will be made to introduce the following text into the Constitutions.

ST 84.1.A.Ter

If a member of the Abbot General’s Council tenders his/her resignation between two General Chapters, it is the responsibility of the Abbot General to accept his/her resignation, with the consent of his Council.

In this case and when the office of a Councillor becomes vacant for any other reason, it is the responsibility of the Abbot General to appoint a replacement to complete the term.