May 15, 2020 8:25 am

In September 2019, during the Regular Visitation of Dom André Barbeau of Val Notre-Dame assisted by Dom Michael Ryan of Bolton, the community of Prairies, in accord with CST 67, voted for its suppression. After more than 50 years as superior, Dom Marcel Carbotte (84 years old) Abbot of the Prairies (1969-2014), then superior ad nutum (2014-2020), will soon move with an elder monk (86 years old) into a private house in a nearby village. This house is a few meters from the Retirement Center, where three of the four other Brothers of the Prairies’ community of six monks live.

On May 14, 2020 Dom André, the Father Immediate, appointed, Father Emmanuel Cottineau as the new superior ad nutum of Prairies. Dom Emmanuel‘s task is to facilitate the transition of the two Brothers to their new home, to ensure the transfer of the cemetery and to secure the arrival of the Coptic Orthodox community. The Coptic Community will take over the monastery.

Dom Emmanuel was born Gerard Cottineau on November 3, 1956, in Nantes (France). He entered Port-du-Salut in 1980, made solemn profession there in 1986, and was ordained a priest in 1987. After having served various communities of the Order, Dom Emmanuel settled in Val Notre-Dame. Dom Emmanuel professed his stability at Val Notre-Dame in 2014. He has also obtained Canadian citizenship. Dom Emmanuel was in charge of the Abbey’s Warehouse and Production Workshops at the time of the appointment.