Preparation for the General Chapter of September 2021

May 16, 2020 2:17 pm

As a result of the postponing of the General Chapter to September 2021 the following points are brought to the attention of the members of the Order:

  1. House Reports for the General Chapter: We thank those communities who have already sent their House Reports to the Generalate (these reports will be placed in the file of the community at the Generalate). In this new situation however, it will be necessary for all communities to prepare a report that reflects the reality of 2021 as well as significant elements in the evolution of the community since the last General Chapter.  This new House Report should be sent to the Generalate before May 1, 2021.

  1. The Abbot General and members of the Council continue their service until the General Chapter of 2021 (See St. 83.2.A and can. 186, CIC).

  1. Delegates of Fathers Immediate who were appointed following the recommendations of the General Chapter of 2017 continue in office until the General Chapter of September 2021, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

  1. Superiors whose resignations were not accepted at the General Chapter of 2017, or by the Abbot General, and who were to present them at the General Chapter of 2020 remain in office until the General Chapter of 2021 where they will present their resignation (See Can. 186, CIC and Vade Mecum III, footnote 1).

Abbot General and Council