Online documentary shows life of the Trappist monks in Uganda

July 11, 2020 8:26 am

Tilburg, 10 July 2020

Online documentary shows life of the Trappist monks in Uganda

Tilburg/Kijonjo – On the occasion of the feastday of St. Benedict, the Abbey of Koningshoeven/Tilburg (NL) in cooperation with its Ugandan daughterhouse launches the online documentary film “The monks of Kijonjo”. An interactive website will show the unique life stories of the monks in the Ugandan daughter house Our Lady of Victoria Abbey. As a viewer you will be taken into the regular daily routine of monastic life and learn more about the personal challenges of the monks. In addition, the Christian faith is made visible in the African context.

St. Benedict
St. Benedict lived from 480 – 547 and is considered the father of monastic life in the Western Church. The Rule of St. Benedict gives form and substance to the life of Trappist monasteries around the world.

Online documentary film
In ‘The Monks of Kijonjo’ the viewer gets to know the Trappists of Kijonjo. In this monastery, located in the southeast of Uganda, 24 African monks from 5 different nationalities live together in silence, simplicity and solidarity. Through videos, texts and photos, an honest picture of African monastic life and the personal challenges involved are drawn; why do you decide to become a monk? What does this decision mean for you as an individual? What role do tribal differences play within the monastery?

Fragments of the documentary film can now be seen on the website. The entire film will be released at a later date.
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