Mount Melleray

October 12, 2020 8:27 am


The Conventual Chapter of Mount Melleray Abbey responded to the efforts of the General Chapter of 2017 to arrange the Paternity of Communities, whose traditional Paternity line had been altered, by requesting to be a Daughter House of Bolton Abbey.

The 2017 Chapter had assigned Mount Melleray to the Abbey of Val Notre Dame. In addition to the Abbot of Val Notre Dame’s Regular Visitation, other meetings between the Communities were arranged. The Conventual Chapter of Val Notre Dame concluded that their fragility did not allow them to accept the responsibility of a geographically distant Community of another culture.

Upon the request of Mount Melleray Abbey, the Conventual Chapter of Bolton Abbey accepted the responsibility of being the Mother House of Mount Melleray Abbey, and so Dom Michael is the Father Immediate.

Since the relationship of Mother House to Daughter House is foundational to the Order, rather than delaying until the next General Chapter to finalize this relation, the Abbot General and his Council acting in the name of the General Chapter (C. 82.2) approved the change that the Paternity of Mount Melleray Abbey is now the responsibility of Bolton Abbey.

The effective date of the change is 28 September 2020.