Excerpt from a letter from “Atlas”

December 2, 2020 2:48 pm

On 12/1/2020, at 02.31, Brother Nuno wrote:

Hello to all of you who have written to me…

I have just arrived from Rabat, and tomorrow during the day it will be difficult for me to find time to write to you. So I am going to write immediately to tell you that our Brothers Jean-Pierre Schumachier, our senior, and Jean-Pierre Flachaire, our Prior, and Brother José Luis were hospitalized yesterday in the Clinique Pasteur in Rabat.

Brother Antoine is at the monastery as well as André and I, and a guest on sabbatical who is visiting.

As for our three brothers, they are in a stable condition for the moment. Since the chest scans they had done at the Midelt Hospital on Monday afternoon revealed lung infections they have been receiving treatments. P. Jean-Pierre Schumachier: 25% of the lung affected; P. Prior: 55% of the lung affected; José Luis: 45% of the lung affected).

I spoke personally with the head of the department in Rabat yesterday at 3:00 p.m. He informed me that all three were fine (as far as possible) without needing artificial respiration and awaiting a more complete check-up.

The diagnosis, for the moment is suspected Covid-19 virus.

The protocols of the Health Department of our region obliged the hospitalization outside Midelt for these cases. All three are patients at risk due to other chronic health problems.

Thank you for your friendship and prayer.

God bless you.
Your brother, Nuno de Sao José.