25th anniversary of the kidnapping of the Atlas brothers

March 27, 2021 12:45 pm

Dear friends,

As you know, 25 years ago, 7 of the brothers of N.D. de l’Atlas were kidnapped during the night of March 26 to 27, 1996. They entered together on a long silent march of 56 days at the end of which we know the dramatic outcome by a press release of the armed group. 56 days of silence and anguish for their loved ones …

This way of giving had been initiated in the hearts of each one who had chosen to come to this country and to offer his life for these people.

We invite you to enter with them on this way of giving. 56 texts taken from the book “Heureux ceux qui se donnent. La vie donnée plus forte que la mort” (Cerf, Bayard, Abbaye de Bellefontaine 2020) will be presented one each day as an invitation to let yourself be united by this life that is eternal…

In other footseps of the monks of Tibhirine : chemin de don

You can find other proposals to follow on www.moines-tibhirine.org and https://it.lecloitredetibhirine.org/

This living memory coincides with the paschal rising. They are a sign of the Paschal Life.

Together in the desire the Brothers of Tiberine have ignited in us.

I am, Maire-Dominique