February 8, 2022 5:53 am

Monday, February 7, 2022

The General Chapter opened with the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit. The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Dom Eamon and animated by the members of the Region of the Iles.

The morning session started with an intervention of Dom Eamon. He turned 75 in December 2020 and presented officially his resignation as Abbot General to the members of the General Chapter. A vote of acceptance will be taken by the Chapter tomorrow.

For reason of serious health problems, Dom Eamon requested that his resignation would be presented at a first session of the Chapter. And as Dom Eamon explained us, his resignation has been presented in a conscious and free way.

Dom Eamon has also shared with us that, as a young monk, he was aware of belonging to an Order and a Tradition greater than himself and his own community, to a reality that is beyond us.

Subsequently Dom Jean-Marc from Bellefontaine, promoter of the General Chapter, presented to the assembly the numerous brothers and sisters of the Order and also some laypersons who have accepted to be at the service of the Chapter to ensure the work of interpreters, translators, secretaries, and many other functions for the smooth running of this Chapter.

Of the 160 houses of the Order, 17 (male) superiors and 15 (female) superiors were not able to come to the Chapter. The 4 members of the Abbot General’s Council and Dom Bernardo Olivera (Abbot General Emeritus) are also among the capitulants with the right to vote.

In the afternoon, the capitulants met by region to discuss the needs of the Order and the potential candidates for the position of Abbot General.

To all the nuns and monks of the Order, we count on your prayers for the success of this first session of the General Chapter 2022.