March 7, 2022 8:17 am

With the suppression of the Abbaye of Sainte-Marie du Désert (France) on 3 October 2020, the Abadía cisterciense de Viaceli, in the diocese of Santander in Spain was deprived of the filial relation to a Community of the Order and the ministry of a Father Immediate.

After some reflection and deliberation, the Community of Viaceli requested the Abadía cisterciense de San Pedro de Cardeña, in the diocese of Burgos in Spain, to be accepted as a Daughter House. The Community of Cardeña accepted the request to be the Mother House of Viaceli. The Conventual Chapter of each Community voted in favour of the new arrangement.

The Abbot General and his Council examined the acts of the respective Conventual Chapters. Because of the importance of the filial relations in the Order and the ministry of the Father Immediate the decision was made that the new arrangement should begin immediately. The Abbot General with unanimous consent of his Council voted that the Abbot General acting in the name of the General Chapter recognise the change of paternity on the 28 January 2022.