January 4, 2023 7:53 am

The General Chapter of September 2022 voted (Vote 43) to ask the Holy See to discontinue the regime of Apostolic Commissary at Bricquebec, and Dom Bernard Duymentz, Apostolic Commissary of Bricquebec since November 2017, submitted his resignation to the Holy See. On 13 December 2022 the Holy See accepted Dom Bernard’s resignation as Pontifical Commissary and returned Bricquebec to the structures of the Order.

On Jan 2nd 2023 Dom Pierre-André Burton, abbot of Citeaux and Father Immediate of Bricquebec (see vote 44 of the General Chapter, Sept 2022), appointed the same Dom Bernard Duymentz as Superior ad nutum of Bricquebec.