Travel of the Abbot General and Councillors

April 10, 2023 6:26 am

Abbot General

10-16 April: communities of Arévalo and Ávila (Spain)

19-20 April: community of Engelszell (Austria)
20-23 April: community of Nový Dvůr (Czech Republic)
24-29 April: Regional Meeting REI (Nový Dvůr)
29 April-3 May: community of Naší Paní (Czech Republic)
11-23 May: Nsugbe and the other communities in Nigeria



16-23 April: M. Eleanor, Regional Meeting NED (Zundert)
18-25 April: D. Emmanuel visit to community of Fons Pacis (Syria)

3-26 May: D. Emmanuel visit to community of Kasanza (R.D. Congo)
9-16 May: M. Rachel, Regional Meeting RéCiF (Bonneval)
17-26 May: M. Eleanor visit to communities of Calvaire and Assomption (Canada)