July 12, 2023 9:43 pm

The General Chapter of September 2022 was informed of the fragile situation of the community of Mistassini (diocese of Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada), and of its likely imminent suppression. Since then, Dom Clément Charbonneau, abbot of Mistassini since 2017, with the support of the Commission for the Future, and keeping the Abbot General fully informed, has led the community peacefully through the process described in the Statute for the Accompaniment of Fragile Communities and the Suppression of a Monastery.

On 5th July 2023, the Abbot General and his Council, in the name of the General Chapter, voted to suppress the community of Mistassini.

On the same date the Abbot General and his Council named a Commission for Closure to implement the suppression process, under the presidency of Dom André Barbeau, abbot of Val Notre-Dame and Father Immediate of Mistassini.

Let us pray for the brothers of Mistassini at this sad time.