August 3, 2023 6:52 am

The General Chapter of Sept. 2022 approved the erection of Mokoto to the rank of Abbey. The ceremony of erection and the abbatial blessing of Dom Vedaste were planned for November 13th, 2022, but had to be cancelled because of violence in the area.
Recently, Dom Damien Debaisieux, abbot of Scourmont and Father Immediate of Mokoto, was able to visit the monastery and presided at the erection to an abbey on July 30. (The abbatial blessing will take place later, when possible).

Dom Damien writes:

The monastery of Our Lady of Mokoto was erected as an abbey during the Eucharist on Sunday. The celebration, in which many displaced people participated, was marked by the beauty of the hymns and by joy.

The festivities continued with the community meal, which even included some Chimay beer!

 It was a joyful occasion, despite the situation. That very morning, there were the sounds of bullets and shells in the village a few hundred metres away. The sounds of war resumed in the evening to round off the day.

 The political situation in the region continues to be very difficult. The community of Mokoto is facing it with courage and unity. It is also coping with it in a spirit of charity, since it is hosting 15,000 displaced persons on its land. They find security and hope in our brothers.

 So thank you to everyone for praying for our brothers and for the people; interceding for and hoping for peace. But thank you also for your prayer of thanksgiving for the help, the light and the hope that the community of Mokoto offers to a whole population in danger.

 May the Prince of Peace protect our brothers and all these displaced people. May he be in their midst.

 I thank you all,

F. Damien