February 27, 2024 8:27 am

Following the resignation of Dom Dominque-Marie Schoch as superior ad nutum, the community of Oelenberg (Diocese of Strasbourg, France) has been sede vacante for more than three months. Therefore, at the request of the delegated Father Immediate, Dom Samuel Lauras of Nový Dvůr, on 23 February 2024, the Abbot General, with the consent of his Council, suspended the exercise of the autonomy of the community of Oelenberg, in accordance with the Statute for the Accompaniment of Fragile Communities (# 10+16).

On the same day, Dom Samuel Lauras, Abbot of Nový Dvůr and Delegated Father Immediate of Oelenberg, was appointed Monastic Commissary of the community of Oelenberg.