Official Name Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa Ana


Country Spain

City Ávila

Address Apartado 128 - Carretera de Toledo Km. 3

Postcode E-05080

Contact Information

Telephone [34] (920) 22.16.66

Community Email [email protected]

Superior Madre María Luisa Gómez Tejada, Superior ad nutum 2018

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Abulensis (Ávila)

OCSO Region RE

Founded/Restored 1954


Founded in 1330 by bishop D. Sanches Blanques of Avila. This monastery incorporated those of S. Clement de Adaja, S. Scholastica and S. Millán, all of the Order of Cîteaux. They enjoyed royal favor. It was here that Isabelle the Catholic was educated. They were visited by the empress Isabelle and her son Philippe II.

Father Immediate

Viaceli (hasta 2023); Dom Carlos Gutiérrez Cuartango de Sobrado (2023)


Past Superiors

Ana María GOMEZ FERNANDEZ — Abbess — 30/01/1953 – 30/01/1956
Corazón de Jesús GUTIERREZ — Abbess — 30/01/1956 – 30/01/1968
Pilar CUBILLO PEREZ — Abbess — 30/01/1968 – 1998
María Luisa GÓMEZ  TEJADA — Abbess — 1998 – 2018


Work and Sources of Income

Decoration and sale of ceramics

Guest Facilities

9 rooms, 13 persons


Station : Ávila


  • Mokoto

    R. D. du Congo

  • Arévalo


  • Midelt