Official Name Abadía Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles


Country Argentina

City Azul

Address Casilla de Correo 34

Postcode B7300WAA

Contact Information

Telephone [54] (2281) 49 8005

Community Email [email protected]


Superior Dom Santiago Maria Ríos, Abad 2018-2024.

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Azulensis (Azul)


Founded/Restored 1958


Founded by Spencer in 1958; semi-autonomous priory 24 January 1969; autonomous priory 18 January 1974; abbey 13 February 1984.


1958: the foundation of Azul was begun in 1958.  The definitory having given its permission to accept a piece of property in good condition, a group of pioneers was sent there and the community began receiving novices toward the end of the year.

1972: the general council recommends that the abbot of Frattocchie delegate his powers of father immediate of Hinojo to the prior of Azul, so that he will be able to assume the paternity of Hinojo when it is raised to the status of an independent house.

Father Immediate


Daughter Houses

Hinojo, El Encuentro

Past Superiors

Benedict TWADELL, Superior 13/09/1958 – 28/02/1959
James SHINE, Superior 28/02/1959 – 20/08/1959
Owen HOEY, Superior 20/08/1959 – 06/03/1963 (v.63)
Francis (Alexandre) DIETZLER, Superior 06/03/1963 – 07/12/1967 [v.78+87])
Augustine ROBERTS, Superior 07/12/1967 – 25/01/1969
Augustine ROBERTS, Titular Prior 25/01/1969 – 26/01/1984 [v.26]
Bernardo OLIVERA, Vice-superior 14/06/1983 – 14/02/1984
Bernardo OIVERA, Abbot 14/02/1984 – 08/09/1990
Eduardo GOWLAND, Abbot 17/10/1990 – 6/08/2002 [v.87]
Augustine ROBERTS (2), Abbot 06/08/2002-29/02/2008
José OTERO, Superior ad nutum 03/04/2008 – 26/01/2009
Bernardo OLIVERA, Abad 1984-1990, Abad General 1990-2008, Abad 2009-2018

Work and Sources of Income

Agriculture: grain and ranching.  There is a modest second source of income: a small store connected to the Reception Room. And the third source of income is the Guest House

Guest Facilities

17 persons


  • Palaçoulo


  • Escalonias


  • Azul