Official Name Caldey Abbey


Country United Kingdom

City Dyfed

Address Caldey Island, off Tenby

Postcode SA70 7UH

Contact Information

Telephone [44] (1834) 842632


Superior Dom Daniel Van Santvoort, nutum 1997, Abbot 1999-2023

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Menevensis (Menevia)


Founded/Restored 1929


Originally founded in the 6th century; restored by Anglican monks at the beginning of the 20th century; restored by Scourmont in 1929 (6 January); raised to the status of priory 6 January 1934; raised to the status of abbey 15 September 1959.


The monastery is located on an island in Wales; it was renowned in the past, producing many saints.

1900: At the beginning of the 20th century, it was repopulated by a group of Anglicans who wanted to restore monastic life.

1910: this attempt at restoration led to the mass conversion of the community to Catholocism.

1924: because the financial difficulties of the convert Benedictine community, the Holy See asked the Order to become involved – an unfavourable outcome would have been harmful to the Church.

1929: after lengthy negotiations, the Order became the owner of the island; the abbey of Chimay sent a group of monks.  The community faced great difficulties: during the war fire broke out and destroyed some of the buildings.  There were very few vocations until 1948, when recruitment increased.

1962: John Gran, monk of Caldey who was acting as cellarer to the Generalate, was named auxiliary bishop of Oslo then, in 1964, bishop of Oslo.

Father Immediate


Daughter Houses

Tautra (Delegated).

Important Figures

John Gran

Past Superiors

Andre GARCETTE — Superior — 12/07/1928 – 29/07/1930
Ailred LEFEVRE — Superior — 29/07/1930 – 11/01/1934
Ailred LEFEVRE — Titular Prior — 11/01/1934 – 28/02/1942
Jerome ROBERT — Sup. ad nutum ? — 28/02/1942 – 11/02/1946
Albert DERZELLE — Titular Prior — 12/02/1946 – 14/09/1954
Eugene BOYLAN — Sup. ad nutum ? — ?/02/1955 – 30/09/1959
Samson (James) WICKSTEAD — Abbot — 01/10/1959 – 14/03/1980
Robert O’BRIEN — Sup. ad nutum — 19/06/1980 – 27/03/1984
Robert O’BRIEN — Abbot — 27/03/1984 – 07/01/1997


Port : At Port of Tenby ask for boat “Caldey Abbey”.


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