L'Étoile Notre-Dame


Official Name Monastère l'Étoile Notre-Dame


Country Benin

City Parakou

Address 02 B.P. 294

Contact Information

Telephone [229] 95 28 91 41

Community Email [email protected]

Superior Mère Elisabeth Marie Samati, Abbesse 2021-2027

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Parakuensis (Parakou)


Founded/Restored 1960


Foundation of Les Gardes


In 1960 N.D. des Gardes sent the first group to Dahomey, who started monastic life 27 November; other groups came in the following months.
During the following years, the monastery was constructed and the community was organized.
1962, 14 July: the first stone was laid for the church by Mgr Gantin, archbishop of Cotonou, it had been blessed by Mgr Chopard on 6 May 1962.
During the course of the year, M. Maga, president of the Republic visited, accompanied by M. Senghor, president of the Republic of Senegal.
1964 on the vigil of the ascension, Fr. André of Bellefontaine died of snakebite. He had been there only 4 days.
1965 the general chapter authorized the request to be erected as an abbey.
1966 January 17, canonical erection as an abbey, and change of stability of the founders.
18 January, election of the first abbess.
25 January, consecration of the church.


Mvanda (1991)

Father Immediate


Past Superiors

Monique MASSON — Supérieure — 1961 – 18/01/1966
Monique MASSON — Abbesse — 18/01/1966 – 24/06/1999
Bibiane IGBARO — Abbesse — 1999 – 2015
Geneviève AKAKPO — Abbesse — 2015 – 10/07/2021

Work and Sources of Income

Yogurts, jams, syrups, fruit juice and aperitifs, honey and bee-glue, medicinal plants and beauty products, pork butchery, cards, candles, icons; farm

Guest Facilities

30 rooms of which 10 are doubles and 3 are triples


Gare destinataire : Parakou.


  • L'Étoile Notre-Dame


  • Awhum


  • Blauvac