Official Name Tautra Mariakloster


Country Norway

City Frosta

Address Tautervegen 533

Postcode 7633

Contact Information

Telephone [47] (74) 80 85 51

Community Email [email protected]

Business Email [email protected]

Website www.tautra.no

Superior Mother Brigitte Pinot, Prioress 2018-2024

Other Information

Juridical Status Major Priory

Diocese Dioecesis Trudensis (Trondheim)


Founded/Restored 1999


Foundation of Cistercian monks in 1207; Refounded by Mississippi Abbey, nuns, 1999; Elevated to rank of simple priory 25 March 2006. Elevated to rank of major priory 25 March 2012.


Tautra Mariakloster was originally founded in 1207 by monks probably coming from Munkeby, on an island in the Trondheim fjord. The community dispersed in 1531 when the monastery was sold. In 1999, at the request of the local Catholic bishop and of the local government, Mississippi Abbey re-founded Tautra as a community of nuns.

1999, February:  Mississippi sends seven nuns to Tautra.

2003, 8 May: Queen Sonja of Norway digs the hole for the first stone of the new monastery.

2005, March: Construction of the permanent monastery begins.

2006, 10 July: The nuns are given the keys to the new monastery

2007, 12 May: 800 years after the dedication of the first Cistercian monastery on Tautra, the new church is dedicated with Queen Sonja present.

Father Immediate

Roscrea (until 2017); Roscrea/ Delegate of the Father Immediate: Caldey (until 2022); Caldey

Past Superiors

Rosemary DURCAN — Superior 1999; Prioress 2006 – 2012
Gilchrist LAVIGNE — Prioress 6/03/2012 – 26/03/2018

Work and Sources of Income

Soap and skin creams, guesthouse, photography, shop, rosaries

Guest Facilities

Women’s retreathouse with 5 single rooms, men’s guesthouse with 3 rooms, of which 2 are doubles ; small apartment in the new monastery


Airport: Trondheim


  • Roscrea


  • Crozet


  • Munkeby