Val Notre-Dame


Official Name Abbaye Val Notre-Dame


Country Canada

City Saint-Jean-de-Matha

Address 250, Chemin de la Montagne Coupée

Postcode J0K 2S0

Contact Information

Telephone [1] (450) 960-2889

Community Email [email protected]


Superior Dom Clément Charbonneau, Supérieur ad nutum 2024

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Joliettensis (Joliette)

OCSO Region CNE Sub-région

Founded/Restored 1881


After the explusions of 1880 in France, Dom Chouteau, abbot of Bellefontaine, wanted to secure his community’s future and accepted an offer from the Canadian Sulpicians of agricultural land outside Montreal.


1881, 12 August: the four founders leave Bellefontaine and go to rejoin the fifth who has been preparing for his brothers’ arrival.  They live in a small house (carefully preserved) and organize their conventual life at the beginning of September.  The construction of the monastery had begun and the first buildings are blessed by the bishop of Montreal on 8 September, but they are only ready for occupation in November.  With the support of the government and thanks to the charity of the Catholic faithful, construction continues at the same time the land is being cleared.

1893: Creation of a school of agriculture, slightly removed from the monastery, which becomes highly respected and which produces generations of farmers and agronomists.

1897, 8 September: consecration of the church.

1902, 23 July: Fire.

1906, 20 August: consecration of the new church.

1913, 24 October: election of Dom Pacome Gaboury, superior and titular prior  of Mistassini since 28 June 1901.  He died on 28 June 1964 after 63 years as superior, 51 as abbot.

1916: 2 fires, in May and December, destroy the agricultural buildings and the monastery, including the church and cloister.

1962: Agricultural Institute is closed.

1974, 29 November, sale of the cheese production.
2003, 7 March: the community votes to transfer to a new location.
2007, 13 August: construction of Val Notre-Dame begins.
2008, 18 October: Dom Yvon-Joseph is nominated as bishop of Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière.


Mistassini (1892), Orangeville (1977-1998)

Father Immediate


Daughter Houses

Prairies ; Petit Clairvaux (Spencer, 1898-1920) ; Assomption (1936-1962) ; Orangeville (1977-1996) ; Bon Conseil (jusqu’en 2022).

Past Superiors

Guillaume LEHAYE — Supériuer — 26/08/1881 – 03/03/1886
Antoine OGER — Supériuer —02/09/1886 – 10/05/1887
Antoine OGER — Prieur — 10/05/1887 – 28/03/1892
Antoine OGER — Abbé — 28/03/1892 – 01/08/1913
Pacôme GABOURY — Abbé — 24/10/1913 – 18/06/1964 (v.43)
Fidèle SAUVAGEAU — Abbé —06/07/1964 – 01/10/1990
Yvon MOREAU — Abbé — 22/10/1990 – 18/10/2008
André BARBEAU — Abbé — 15/11/2008 – 31/03/2024

Work and Sources of Income

Store, production of candy and chocolates, publication of the series “Voix Monastiques”.

Guest Facilities

13 rooms


Aéroport de Montréal : Dorval.


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