United States of America

  • Berryville

    Official Name Holy Cross Abbey

    901 Cool Spring Lane

    Country USA

  • Conyers

    Official Name Monastery of the Holy Spirit

    2625 Hwy 212 SW

    Country USA

  • Crozet

    Official Name Our Lady of the Angels Monastery

    3365 Monastery Drive

    Country USA

  • Genesee

    Official Name O L of the Genesee Abbey

    3258 River Rd

    Country USA

  • Gethsemani

    Official Name Abbey of Gethsemani

    3642 Monks Road

    Country USA

  • Guadalupe

    Official Name O L. of Guadalupe Abbey

    9200 NE Abbey Rd

    Country USA

  • Mepkin

    Official Name Mepkin Abbey

    1098 Mepkin Abbey Rd

    Country USA

  • Mississippi

    Official Name O.L. of the Mississippi Abbey

    8400 Abbey Hill Road

    Country USA

  • New Melleray

    Official Name New Melleray Abbey

    6632 Melleray Circle

    Country USA

  • Redwoods

    Official Name O.L of the Redwoods Monastery

    18104 Briceland -Thorn Rd.

    Country USA

  • Santa Rita

    Official Name Santa Rita Abbey

    14200 Fish Canyon Road

    Country USA

  • Snowmass

    Official Name Saint Benedict's Monastery

    1012 Monastery Road

    Country USA

  • Spencer

    Official Name St. Joseph's Abbey

    167 North Spencer Rd

    Country USA

  • Vina

    Official Name Abbey of New Clairvaux

    P.O. Box 80 - 26240 Seventh Street

    Country USA

  • Wrentham

    Official Name Mount St. Mary's Abbey

    300 Arnold Street

    Country USA