Official Name Monasterio de la Madre de Cristo


Country Argentina

City Hinojo

Address Hermanas Trapenses Casilla 279

Postcode 7400 Olavarría BA

Contact Information

Telephone [54] 9 2284 309407

Community Email [email protected]

Superior Madre María Marcenaro 1954, Abadesa 1995-2025.

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Azulensis (Azul)


Founded/Restored 1973


Founded by Vitorchiano. Erected as a priory 1 January 1977. Erected as an abbey 1 January 1989.


In September 1971, the abbess of Vitorchiano and the father immediate went to Argentina.
A site was chosen and a little later purchased, once the authorization was obtained from the authorities of the Order.
The monastery of Azul took charge of the first constructions and on 7 January the first four founders embarked at Gênes (1973). Some days earlier, 26 December 1972, the founders, numbering ten, had been presented to His Holiness Paul VI by the abbot general. The second group of founders left in March 1973.
Arriving at Buenos Aires 20 January, the founders stayed several days at Azul and took possession of Hinojo 5 February 1973.
The property comprised 35 acres. To support itself the monastery counted on the gathering of honey and an offset press.
A projected foundation in Cuba had to be abandoned, because the Cuban government would not give permission, so the community opted to make a foundation in Nicaragua (2001)


Juigalpa (2001)

Father Immediate


Past Superiors

Cecilia CHEMELLO — Superior — 30/01/1973 – 01/01/1977
Cecilia CHEMELLO — Titular prioress — 01/01/1977 – 01/01/1989
Cecilia CHEMELLO — Abbess — 01/01/1989 – 01/01/1995

Work and Sources of Income

Production and sale of pictures. Chocolates. Rosaries and icons.

Guest Facilities

6 rooms (maximum 10 persons)


  • Phare


  • Val d'Igny


  • Lantao

    Hong Kong SAR