Official Name Abdij der Trappisten


Country Belgium

City Westmalle

Postcode B-2390

Contact Information

Telephone [32] (3) 312.92.00

Fax [32] (3) 312 92 20

Guesthouse Email [email protected]

Website www.trappistwestmalle.be

Superior Dom Nathanael Koninkx, Sup.ad nutum 2004, Abt 2005

Other Information

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Dioecesis Antverpiensis (Antwerpen)


Founded/Restored 1794


Founded by La Valsainte


1794, 6 June: Foundation. July 17: Escape to Munster from the Revolutionary armies. Marienfeld.
1795, 15 October: Foundation of a refuge at Darfeld, which later became a formal foundation.
1802, 3 August – 14 October: the monks have to leave following their suppression by Napoleon. The real estate is not confiscated, thanks to the protests of the legal owner, the Baron de Caters. One choir monk and two laybrothers remain behind.
1814, July-August: The community re-forms and on 20 August resumes regular life. At this time the community comprises 4 choir monks, 2 of whom are priests, 21 laybrothers and a few novices.
1836: Westmalle had been following the observances of la Val-Sainte up to this time. But because of the union of the two French observances, Westmalle was left without any administrative links to the other houses founded by la Val-Sainte. So, in order to secure their canonical existence, the monks requested the approval of their observances. Rome refused, but in compensation for their sacrifices, offered to raise the monastery to the rank of abbey and to create a Belgian Trappist congregation, of which the abbot of Westmalle would be Vicar General.
1872: The first General Chapter of the Belgian Trappist Congregation is held 1 – 3 October.
1887, 30 July: Consecration of the church.
1899, 20 June: re-consecration of the church, necessitated by the demolition and complete rebuilding of the presbyterium and high altar.
1914-18: The community, apart from a few monks and laybrothers, is evacuated during WWI. The evacuees stayed together as a community first at Echt then at Tegelen.


St-Sixte (1831); Meersel/Achel (1846); Tegelen (1884); Bamania (Belgian Congo, 1893-1925)

Father Immediate

Citeaux until 1962, Sint Sixtus until 1980, thereafter Zundert; Delegate of the Father Immediate until 2020 Caldey; Zundert

Daughter Houses

Schiermonnikoog; Rochefort; Orval (since1946); Kasanza; Nazareth; Mvanda.
Achel; Tegelen; Soleilmont (1922-1972); Sint Sixtus (1836-1972); Redwoods (1963-1969).

Lay Associates

Les associés cisterciens de l’abbaye Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur de Westmalle

Past Superiors

Benedictus WUYTS — Abbot — 16/03/1872 – 13/07/1896
Ferdinandus BROECHOVEN — Abbot — 12/08/1896 – 12/09/1911
Herman-Joseph SMETS — Abbot — 30/10/1911 – 16/07/1929
Tarcisius van der KAMP — Abbot — 17/08/1929 – 19/12/1939
Robertus EYCKMANS — Abbot — 20/01/1940 – 12/09/1956
Eduardus WELLENS — Abbot — 09/10/1956 – 15/01/1967
Déodat DE WILDE — Abbot — 03/03/1967 – 01/04/1975
Bartholomeus de STRIJCKER — Abbot — 17/04/1975 – 13/10/1987
Ivo DUJARDIN — Abbot — 28/10/1987 – 12/07/2004

Work and Sources of Income

Brewery, dairy farm

Guest Facilities

40 rooms


Autobus 41 Antwerpen-Turnhout (halte Westmalle : Trappisten).


  • Kokoubou


  • Baumgarten


  • Quilvo