Nom Officiel Abbaye N.-D. de la Fille-Dieu


Pays Switzerland

Ville Romont

Adresse Route de Fribourg 2

Code Postal CH-1680


Téléphone [41] (26) 651 90 10

Email Communauté [email protected]


Supérieur(e) Mère Marie-Claire Pauchard, Abbesse 1999

Autres Informations

Statut Juridique Abbey

Diocèse Dioecesis Lausannensis (Lausanne)


Incorporations 1905


Founded 1268; under the direct administration of the Holy See in 1848; under that of the bishop in 1874; reintegrated into the Order in 1905


Foundation by three young ladies of Villa in 1265.

1268: Erected as a priory by Mgr Jean de Cossonay, bishop of Lausanne
1350: Erected as an abbey by the Sovereign Pontiff Clement VI
Beneplacitum of the Holy See: 1273 (His Holiness Gregory X); 1350 (His Holiness Clement VI)
Beneplacitum of the Ordinary: 1268 Mgr Jean de Cossonay
Acts of the General Chapter: 1905 (incorporation)

1268 Since its foundation Fille-Dieu has enjoyed the good will and protection of the House of Savoie.
134, 10 April: consecration of the church by the archbishop of Anvers Henri Blanc, since the bishop of Lausanne was ill.
Privileges: pontifical abbey, solemn vows, abbess elected for life.
1280 -1283, Fille-Dieu is placed under the paternity of the abbey of Haut-Crêt until 1536, when this latter was suppressed (abbey of the Order of Cîteaux)
1593 An act of the general chapter placed la Fille-Dieu under the paternity of Hauterive, until 1848, when it was suppressed.
1848 Fille-Dieu is placed under the direct administration of the Holy See by nuncios, until 1874, when the nunciature in Switzerland is suppressed.
1874 The bishop of the diocese exercises jurisdiction in the name of the Holy See with a personal delegation.
1905, 15 September: the General Chapter votes to receive la Fille-Dieu and gives the abbot of Our Lady of the Mount of Olives (Oelenberg), Dom François Strunck, as father immediate. (1905-1917)
1906, 3 April: by indult of the Sacred Congregation, Fille-Dieu is reconnected to Cîteaux.
1906 September 1, first visit of the Abbot General of the Order, Mgr Marre.
1920 The general chapter places la Fille-Dieu under the paternity of Ste Marie du Mont (Mont-des-Cats).
1931 The community adopts the constitutions of the Order in their entirety.
1954 The Sacred Congregation decides that henceforth the community should be under the ordinary of Fribourg, no longer ad personam, but under the same title as all the other communities of the Order.

Père Immédiat

Haut-Crêt (1280-1536); Hauterive (1593-1848); Oelenberg (1905-1919); puis Mont des Cats

Ancien(ne)s Supérieur(e)s

The abbey was founded in 1265. This list begins with the 33rd abbess.

Lutgarde MÉNÉTREY — Abbess — 23/12/1883 – 19/10/1919
Marie-Gabriel RIME — Abbess — 23/12/1919 – 26/12/1934
Lutgarde FASEL — Abbess — 21/01/1935 – 24/07/1961
Regina CHAVAILLAZ — Abbess — 15/09/1961 – 08/09/1974
Hortense BERTHET — Sup. ad nutum — 08/09/1974 – 14/08/1975
Hortense BERTHET — Abbess — 14/08/1975 – 31/05/1999

Travail et Sources de Revenus

Making of altar breads. Maintenance of church linens. Icons (collages and painted)

Capacité d'Accueil

7 rooms (12 beds)

Moyens de transport

Gare destinataire : 1680 Romont/ FR (Canton de Fribourg)


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