La Trappe


Nom Officiel Abbaye N.-D. de la Trappe


Pays France

Ville Soligny-la-Trappe

Code Postal F-61380


Téléphone [33] (2) 33 84 17 00

Email Communauté [email protected]


Supérieur(e) Dom Thomas Georgeon, nutum 2019

Autres Informations

Statut Juridique Abbey

Diocèse Dioecesis Sagiensis (Sées)

Région OCSO RéCiF

Fondée/Restaurée 1814


Founded in 1140 by Rotrou III, Count of Perche; re-established 1814.


1122: Rotrou III, Count of Perche, had a church built in the honour of the Virgin Mary in a place called “La Trappe”.  He had it  built to commemorate his wife who had perished at sea during the shipwreck of the Blanche-Nef off Basfleur.  Since few  asked the Benedictines of the Congregation of Savigny to found a monastery on the site.  Monks were sent from Breuil-Benoit in 1140 to inhabit the new monastery.

1147: a bull of Eugene III first put La Trappe under the protection of the Holy See, confirming its possessions and revenues and exempting it from the tithes (in 1148 La Trappe, which belonged to the Congregation of Savigny, was attached to the Order of Citeaux).

1664: In the 17th century the abbey was governed by Abbot de Rancé, who reinstituted monastic observance there.

1789: During the French Revolution part of the community, preferring exile to dispersal, fled to Switzerland, to the former Charterhouse of la Val-Sainte near Fribourg.  The abbot there was Dom Augustin de Lestrange.  But soon the monks were forced to seek refuge elsewhere and thus began a new odyssey through Austria, Russia, Prussia, England and finally North America.  These voyages led to new foundations, notably that of Westmalle in Belgium.

1815:  After 24 years of exile, the community returned home.  The construction of the second church of La Trappe on the site of the original chapel built by Rotrou destroyed by the revolutionaries, was begun in 1829.

1895: The present church, the third church of La Trappe, was begun.

1966: The community gave up the name of Grande Trappe, calling itself simply La Trappe.

Père Immédiat


Maisons filles

Bellefontaine, Timadeuc, Tre Fontane, Echourgnac (since1952).

Ancien(ne)s Supérieur(e)s

Joseph Marie HERCELIN — Abbot — 28/11/1833 – 13/07/1855
Timothée GRUYER — Abbot + Vicar General — 05/09/1855 – 17/11/1880
Etienne SAnLASC — Abbot + Vicar General — 06/08/1881 – 14/09/1891 (v.22)
Etienne SAnLASC — Vicar General til the General Chatper of 1884
Bernard CHEVALIER — Abbot — 04/06/1912 – 09/11/1924 (v.17)
Jean Marie CLERC — Abbot — 02/12/1924 – 21/11/1939
Raymond PRANEUF — nutum — 02/03/1940 – 07/03/1944
Gabriel SORTAIS — Administrator — 1944 – 1945
Etienne CHENEVIèRE — Abbot — 07/11/1945 – 16/09/1949
Eugène DELAMARE — Abbot — 05/10/1949 – 27/06/1965
Gérard GUÉROUT — Abbot — 17/07/1965 – 15/07/1975 (v.24)
Irénée FRITSCH — nutum — 15/07/1975 – 17/11/1975
Gérard DUBOIS — nutum — 02/02/1976 – 02/02/1977
Gérard DUBOIS — Abbot — 02/02/1977 – 27/10/2003
Guerric REITZ-SÉJOTTE — nutum — 2003-2004
Guerric REITZ-SÉJOTTE — Abbé — 2004 – 02/12/2019

Travail et Sources de Revenus

Farm; dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, dairy desserts); fruit gums; shop selling monastic products and religious goods.

Capacité d'Accueil

Maximum 40 persons

Moyens de transport

Gare destinataire (voyageurs) : L’Aigle, 18 km.


  • Mount Melleray


  • Calvaire


  • Crozet