Nom Officiel O.L. of Bethlehem Abbey


Pays Ireland

Ville Ballymena, Co. Antrim

Adresse 11 Ballymena Road, Portglenone

Code Postal BT44 8BL


Téléphone [44] (28) 2582 1211

Email Communauté [email protected]


Supérieur(e) Dom Aelred Magee, Superior ad nutum 2024

Autres Informations

Statut Juridique Abbey

Diocèse Dioecesis Dunensis et Connorensis (Down and Connor)


Fondée/Restaurée 1948


Founded by Mount Melleray in 1948; Abbey in July 1951.


A Georgian mansion (c. 1800) with an estate of about 150 mostly fertile arable hectares situated in Northern Ireland was purchased in 1948. Other buildings were added on prior to the construction of an entirely new monastery in the 1960s, which was necessitated by the increasing numbers joining the community. The numbers peaked around 1970.

1967: opening and blessing of the new church.

The monastery is situated in the Northern part of Ireland where the centuries-old political conflict between the English and Irish (later to have a religious Catholic/Protestant dimension) still simmers and flares up from time to time.

Père Immédiat

Mount Melleray (until 2022); Father Immediate : Rep. delegated to M. Brigitte Pinot of Tautra

Laïcs associés

Cistercian Lay Associates of Our Lady of Bethlehem Abbey

Ancien(ne)s Supérieur(e)s

Oliver FARRELL, Superior — 01/09/1948 – 08/07-1951, Abbot 08/07/1951-17/09/1958
Aengus DUNPHY, Abbot — 22/10/1958 – 26/09/1977
Celsus KELLY, Abbot — 27/09/1977 – 08/11/2019
Celsus KELLY, Superior ad nutum — 09/11/ 2019 – 17/01/2024

Travail et Sources de Revenus

A changing economic climate has meant that the farm no longer provides the community with a viable source of income. This comes mainly from a religious shop, a craftshop and a printery; with something as well from the donations left by the steady stream of visitors.

Capacité d'Accueil

10 rooms, all of which can be shared if necessary.

Moyens de transport

10 rooms, all of which can be shared if necessary.


  • Conyers


  • Tautra


  • Géronde