2016 – The Venerable Seniors of the Order

enero 19, 2016 10:00 pm

Happy birthday, Sister Edwige!

On February 2, 2016,

on the Feast of the Presentation

of Jesus at the Temple,

Sister Edwige of Blauvac is 103 years.



Sister Edwige Talagrand was born on February 02, 1913 in S. Laurent-les-Bouy (France). She entered the monastery on March 11, 1941 and made her solemn profession in 1946.

She is the Venerable Senior of our Order with Father Bernard, of Scourmont, who will be 103 years in a few months… We already wish him a happy birthday!


Father Bernard de Give

was born in Liege,


on May 8, 1913.

He entered the Society of Jesus

in 1931,

and became a Cistercian

at the abbey of Scourmont

in 1972. 



During the year, we will also celebrate :

Sister Gérard Emond of Val d’Igny

(born on December 03, 1915 and entered the monastery on August 17, 1943)

and we will celebrate the one hundreth birthday of

Father Joseph Benedict Donnelly of Guadalupe

(born on October 03, 1916 and entered the monastery on January 22, 1965).


We thank

our brothers and sisters

for their witness and their fidelity!