Nombre Oficial Abbaye N.-D. de Cîteaux


País France

Ciudad St-Nicolas-lès-Cîteaux

Dirección CS 40046

Código Postal 50047


Teléfono [33] (3)

Email Comunidad [email protected]

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Superiore/a Dom Pierre-André Burton, Abbé 2021

Otras Informaciones

Estatuto Jurídico Abbey

Diócesis Dioecesis Divionensis (Dijon)


(Re)fundado 1898


Founded 21 March 1098 by Ss. Robert, Alberic, Stephen and their companions.  It was suppressed during the French Revolution and re-established on 1 October 1898 by monks from various houses.


1898: Citeaux was purchased and repopulated by monks sent from various monasteries of the Order.  Dom Chautard, Abbot of Chambarand, was made superior.  Regular life began 1 October 1898.

1899: The community was granted the faculty to elect its own abbot by an indult dated 11 January of that year.  Dom Sebastian Wyart, already abbot general, was elected abbot of Citeaux. On 4 July a rescript re-established Citeaux as motherhouse of the Order honore et auctoritate princeps and, in fact, the seat of the abbot general.  Dom Robert Lescand was designated auxiliary superior Oct. 4.

1914-1918: The monastery serves as a military hospital.

1939-1940: The guest house serves as a military hospital.

1953: More of the former property of Citeaux is purchased.

1962: The general chapter modifies the governance of Citeaux: from now on, the abbot general would be the arch-abbot of Citeaux and the community would elect an abbot who would have full right de regimine, etc.

1963: A decree of 15 January approves the modifications proposed by the general chapter of 1962.  On 19 March Dom Jean Chanut is elected abbot general.

1971: Renovation  and consecration of the church.

1990: Until the next general chapter, the abbot general, after having consulted the brothers of Citeaux, would designate three abbots from outside the filiation to act together as juridical recourse.

1993: The abbot general will act in everything as father immediate to the community of Citeaux.

Juridical recourse for the community of Citeaux is constituted by the abbots of the four most senior houses of the Order after Citeaux: La Trappe, Westmalle, Melleray and Port-du-Salut.

Padre Inmediato

Abbot General

Casas hijas

La Trappe; Port-du-Salut;  Sept-Fons (1898 -1963, 1965 – ); Bricquebec.
Westmalle (1898-1972); Aiguebelle (1898-1963); Oelenberg (1898-1963); Clarté-Dieu (1955-1963).

Laicos Asociados

1) Association Grange Saint Bernard de Clairvaux;

2) Pres De Cîteaux

Figuras importantes

St Robert; St Alberic; St Stephen Harding

Antiguos(as) Superiores(as)

Jean-Baptiste CHAUTARD — Superior — 01/10/1898 – 01/10/1899
Robert LESCAND — Auxiliary Superior — 21/04/1899 – 14/09/1923
Fabien DUTTER — Auxiliary Superior — 15/09/1923 – 17/09/1932
Godefroid BELORGEY — Auxiliary Superior — 01/11/1932 – 17/09/1952
Jean CHANUT — Auxiliary Superior — 18/09/1952 – 19/03/1964
Jean CHANUT — Abbot — 19/03/1964 – 09/06/1969
Loys SAMSON — Abbot — 25/06/1969 – 22/01/1993
Gérard DUBOIS — Sup. ad nutum — 22/01/1993 – 05/08/1993
Olivier QUENARDEL — Abbé 05/08/1993 – 15/09/2021

Trabajo y Fuentes de Ingresos

Farming and cheese production


40 persons + a house for groups of young people (up to 30)


Gare destinataire: Dijon, 25 km. Autobus: AMCO, Gare routière (à côté de la gare SNCF). Ligne 43 Dijon.


  • Kunnambetta


  • La Trappe


  • Tulebras