Nombre Oficial Abbaye de la Clarté-Dieu


País Dem. Rep. Congo

Ciudad Murhesa

Dirección B. P. 2


Teléfono [243] 990599 372

Teléfono 2 [243] 84 71 45 757

Email Comunidad [email protected]

Superiore/a Mère Hortense Mituga, 2013-2025

Otras Informaciones

Estatuto Jurídico Abbey

Diócesis Archidioecesis Bukavensis (Bukavu)


(Re)fundado 1955


Founded by Igny. Erected as an abbey 16 August 1956.


1955, 29 January: abbess Lutgarde Lehalle and three companions depart to study the possibility of a foundation and eventually begin one. The nuns first establish themselves  at the edge of Lake Kivu, on the property once occupied by the founders coming from Scourmont but who abandoned it to go further north. But an offer of another place was made to the nuns by M. de Hemptine which seemed more convenient, a bit of a distance from Lake Kivu, halfway between Katana and Bukavu. It was here that the construction of the future monastery was begun. The founding group consisted of 15 founders.
1964 This was a year of trouble for the Congo and the monastery of Clarté-Dieu was seriously threatened by the rebels, in particular during the month of August: during the night 19 – 20, a battle raged in the neighborhood, but thanks be to God, the community was unharmed.

1996-1998 These years the community experienced being pillaged and two raids at night by armed bandits who struck and wounded the sisters.

2009 Sr Denise is assassinated at the guesthouse of the monastery.

Padre Inmediato

Cîteaux until 1963; then, Scourmont

Antiguos(as) Superiores(as)

Lutgarde LEHALLE — Sup. (and abbess of Igny) — 02/02/1954 – 17/08/1956
Lutgarde LEHALLE — Abbess — 17/08/1956 – 05/08/1974
Thérèse KANTENGWA — Abbess — 05/08/1974 – 05/08/1992
Emmanuel KINYOGOTE — Abbess — 05/08/1992 –
Martine ROYER — Sup. ad nutum — 02/02/1996 –
Madeleine MASITAKI — Sup. ad nutum — 12/12/1997-31/07/1999
Jeanne LUBINGO — Sup. ad nutum — 03/08/1999-20/08/04
Lutgarde ROUSSELOT — Abbess — 20/08/2004 – 10/02/2007

Jeanne LUBINGO — Abbesse 2007-2013

Trabajo y Fuentes de Ingresos

Making yogurt and cream, pork butchery, candles, livestock. Cultivation for the community’s own food and to share with other religious communities, the refugees and the poor who knock on our door.


9 rooms


  • Mvanda

    Dem. Rep. Congo

  • Tilburg


  • Campénéac