Nombre Oficial Monasterio Sta Maria de Miraflores


País Chile

Ciudad Rancagua

Dirección Casilla 337


Teléfono [56] (72) 22 60 92

Teléfono 2 [56] (72) 25 81 33

Email Comunidad [email protected]

Sitio web www.monasteriosdechile.cl

Superiore/a Dom Lucas Marckmann Soto, superior ad nutum 2023

Otras Informaciones

Estatuto Jurídico Abbey

Diócesis Dioecesis Rancaguensis (Rancagua)


(Re)fundado 1960


Founded by Spencer in 1960 near Santiago under the name O. L. of the Andes.  Transferred to Miraflores in 1966.  Raised to the rank of semi-autonomous priory in 1969 with the new name La Dehesa. Raised to the rank of autonomous priory 8 March 1980. On September 15, 2012, the community of Our Lady of Miraflores, Chile, was raised to the rank of Abbey, in accordance with vote 36 of the 2011 General Chapter. On September 17, 2012, Dom Francisco Lagos, titular prior since 2010, was elected firstabbot of Miraflores for a six-year term. The confirmation and installation took place on the same day. The abbatial blessing will be held on November 30, 2012.


The monastery of O.L. of the Valley (today Spencer) had already thought of making a foundation in Chile as early as 1949 and had received offers to do so, but it was only in 1960 that the project was revived and Spencer asked for authorization to purchase a property, which was given by the Definitory in February. The property, which was located , on a wonderful site 20 km from Santiago, was called Dehesa. The General Chapter of 1960 authorized the foundation, which was to be called O.L. of the Andes. Regular life began at the end of the year with 10 monks.

Padre Inmediato

Spencer until 1966; thereafter Gethsemani

Casas hijas

Quilvo; Boa Vista (Delegate of Father Immediate to Novo Mundo 2010-2018)


Antiguos(as) Superiores(as)

Francis (Alexandre) DIETZLER — Superior — 1960 – 1963 (v.76+87)
Edward McCORKELL — Superior — 24/10/1963 – 31/10/1966 (v.63)
Jorge (Callixte) PETERSON — Superior — 31/10/1966 – 24/02/1970
Richard GANS — Prior titular — 24/02/1970 – 15/01/1986
Lino DOERNER — Prior titular — 20/01/1986 – 30/01/2004
Jesús DIEZ-CABALLERO SANZ — Prior titular 30/01/2004-26/01/2010
Francisco LAGOS RAMÍREZ — Prior titular 2020 – 2012
Francisco LAGOS RAMÍREZ— Abad 2012 – 2014
Pedro BARRIENTOS MONTALVA — Abad 31/01/2014 – 05/08/2022
Teodoro EKONGO SATCHENDA — Abad 06/08/2022 – 29/09/2023

Trabajo y Fuentes de Ingresos

32 hectares almond orchards; 500 head of cattle; ranching and fattening.  Rural industries: processing of almonds for gifts; small chocolate factory.


5 men, either Friday-Sunday or Monday-Friday.


  • San Isidro


  • Tarrawarra


  • Mepkin